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Working at First Airborne is not for everyone.

What are the qualities that make you a good fit at First Airborne?

  • Passion for robotics or future economies driven by robotics based services?
  • Creative, professional, ambitious and friendly?
  • Can you get things done yesterday?
  • Never back down, never surrender?

We are always looking for exceptional talent. Even if there are no current openings suiting your skills, but you feel that you can make an impact at First Airborne, give it a shot by sending your CV to [email protected] or just upload your cv here

Data Analyst


The Data analyst is a member of the Service Team and will interface with company management and with the R&D department. The Data analyst will analyze raw data originating from different sensors, aggregate such data with additional available internal and external data sources and will be charged with providing insight and analysis, which would in turn lead to improved customer business decisions.


  1. Experience of 2 years or more in data analytics and analysis
  2. Experience in data analytics, including mining, generation, and visualization
  3. Transform data into readable, goal-driven reports for continued innovation and growth.
  4. Excellent written and spoken English
  5. Excellent people skills
  6. Proficiency in French and other EU languages is a major advantage
  7. Experience and track record in the wind power industry is a significant advantage
  8. Independence, creativity and ambitions are a must

Based in Israel or an EU country

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