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1st Power Curve

As more wind farms come online with bigger wind turbines to populate them, and even larger price tags underwriting them, one thing that should not be keeping owners awake is ensuring the accuracy of power curves, especially during the critical commissioning phase and trial period.

Accurate power curves are essential to ensure that turbines are operating at peak efficiency and producing the expected amount of energy. However, verifying the accuracy of power curves during the trial period can be a challenge for owners, leaving them with the question:

How can you truly know if what you’ve purchased does what it claims to do?

First Airborne’s 1st Power Curve offers a unique solution to this problem.

Our globally patented Windborne sensor is housed onboard our fleet of autonomous drones, which are deployed to perform power curve validations and tracking via accumulation of measurements per wind bin. All measurements are made upwind and in unwaked sectors, at hub height and at selected positions.

With 1st Power Curve, wind farm owners can ensure that their turbines are operating at peak efficiency and producing the expected amount of energy. Our accurate performance testing of individual turbines during the trial period provides owners with the data they need to ensure that their turbines are performing as expected.

One of the unique features of our Windborne sensor is that it is able to capture measurements in upwind and unwaked sectors, providing a more comprehensive view of turbine performance. This data is then used to validate the power curve and optimize turbine performance, helping owners to maximize their return on investment.

In addition to providing accurate performance testing during the trial period, 1st Power Curve also offers ongoing monitoring and analysis of turbine performance. Our autonomous drones can be deployed to perform regular inspections and maintenance checks, ensuring that turbines are operating at peak efficiency and any issues are detected and addressed quickly.

With the plethora of other factors to consider during commissioning, 1st Power Curve gives owners peace of mind knowing that their turbines are operating as expected.

Contact us today to learn more about how 1st Power Curve can help bring transparency and clarity to your new project.

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