What would happen if a
Met Mast took flight?
Introducing: Windborne™

Meet Windborne™

A patented, onboard wind measurement sensor designed to revolutionize the wind industry.

Measuring up to first-class wind measurement instrument status, Windborne™ has demonstrated unparalleled scale and remarkable accuracy in measuring wind speed and direction.

It’s as accurate as the very best measurement instruments in the industry – but with a unique advantage: it can fly.

Why is it that Windborne can performance test several turbines whilst the competition
can test just one?

"It’s amazing how an instrument that is airborne can be as accurate as one that is entirely static. This measures up to the finest measurement systems in wind power".​

Verified by a leading

Don’t take our word for it, listen to the experts. Deutsche WindGuard (DWG), a globally renowned and accredited verification and validation body from Germany was tasked with verifying Windborne™.


R2 = 1.000


R2 = 0.9998

Results from the verification campaign from DWG. Measured in comparison to a first-class wind measurement mast

Calibration Results

Statistical analysis

Slope m 0.20005 (m/s)/(Hz) ±0.00009 (m/s)/(Hz)
Offset b 0.1025 m/s ±0.005 m/s
Standard error (Y) / RSD 0.0063 m/s
Correlation coefficient R 0.999999
Remarks “The calibrated sensor complies with the demanded linearity MEANSNET”

A host of performance testing services from
a single device.

The critical point of difference in comparison to a met mast or LiDAR is that Windborne™ is airborne.

It is able to always measure upwind, at all hub heights, and at tailored distances from WTGs. It can target specific wind bins and wind sectors and these all enable Windborne™ to performance test entire wind farms in a matter of days or weeks.

Alternative systems incur heavy logistical or physical limitations which allows for very few turbines to be tested annually.

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will optimize your wind farm operations.

Unrivalled accuracy at an unprecedented scale.

Windborne™ is airborne and there in lies the big difference.

The airborne mobility enables measurement up wind, at hub height, at tailored distances from WTGs and critically within unwaked sectors. In addition Windborne can target specific wind bins and wind sectors.

All combined, this results in Windborne’s ability to performance test entire wind farms in a matter of weeks, while avoiding extensive logistics and expense.