The future of wind farm management, right now.

Performance test your entire wind farm with unrivalled precision, at
unprecedented scale.

Experience the power of Windborne, our globally patented, first-class wind measurement sensor - transforming wind farm performance monitoring.

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What would happen if a Met Mast took flight? Introducing: Windborne™

A patented, onboard wind measurement sensor designed to revolutionize the wind industry.

Performance & Measurement Services

Nacelle Alignment Detection
Detect systemic nacelle (yaw) misalignment for all WTGs at a wind site through direct upwind or tailored wind measurements.
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Power Curve Assessment
Assess the accuracy of a wind turbine’s power curve by comparing SCADA data with precise point measurement wind data.
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On-Site Calibration
Calibrate existing wind measurement instruments to ensure data accuracy throughout the wind site.
Service Stack
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Jan Jakubiec

“Compared to other drone services, the service stack of First Airborne offers us more flexibility.
We no longer need technicians on site to maintain the turbines or control the drone. We can use services from First Airborne at the click of a button from our office.”

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