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Initially we set out to source a docking station, aircraft, and perhaps even adapt third party sensors...

...rather than develop our own specialized meteorological sensor. We would just build software to connect it all. Turns out that nothing out there could survive a single weekend at the kind of environments we were headed to. So we built it all A to Z. Here are a few of the challenges we faced and solved along the way.

Elimination of rotor affect on wind resource measurement

Patented in the USA & EU

Landing in heavy gusts

Must be perfect. Vision and sensor based.

Aircraft control from anywhere

Over the internet, low latency, excellent quality.

Inspection of unpredictable assets

Turbines move in 3 axis. Vision and sensor based

Direct Free Flow Measurement

Windborne (R:) Accurate on board, customized wind resource measurement

Marine worthy docking station

Robust and salt water resistant

Large landing surface with small total footprint

To insure compatibility with offshore platforms

Adverse weather resistant aircraft

With a special focus on gust resistance

Computer vision

Proprietary real-time image processing algorithms

No flight zones

Dynamic and customized

Spatial awareness of moving assets

Return to the same spot on the asset irrespective of where it has shifted to spatially

Keep it cool

Robust and low maintenance climate control


Performance & Inspection data and analytics flow


Simple integration to SCADA and asset management platforms

Multiple Aircraft

Management of several aircraft operating on site simultaneously
Watch automation, in-flight.
The future of automation in wind is happening right now.

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